Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked the private sector to come forward and joint hands with the government in providing free and low-cost health facilities to the masses.

Addressing the Shaukat Khanum Fundraising Ceremony in Islamabad on Saturday, he said that we are moving towards the basic principles of the Riyasat-e-Madinah including humanity, justice and self-respect and soon Pakistan will be one of the great nations.

He said that welfare of the weak segment of society is the responsibility of the state and the PTI-led government has introduced health card to provide health coverage to the people which is a step towards Islamic welfare state.

He said that every family will be able to get free treatment up to one million through health universal card.

The Prime Minister said health coverage has been provided to every citizen in three years and this Sihhat Card initiative will be helpful to increase the scope of private hospitals in the country.

Imran Khan said Pakistan is one of the most philanthropic nations in the world and it has so far been donated 63 billion rupees to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital for free treatment of cancer patients.

The Prime Minister said cancer is a dangerous disease and its treatment is very expensive, so more hospitals are needed in the country.

Imran Khan said that 75 percent patients are being treated free of cost in Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital.

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