Advisory on Heat Sunstroke issued on directions of Federal Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel Spokesperson Ministry of Health said an advisory has been issued to health related agencies for timely and appropriate measures to prevent heat/sunstroke.
Federal Health Minister Abdul Qadir Patel directed to ensure coordinated and effective measures to protect people’s lives from diseases.
Concrete steps are being taken to improve the performance of health sector said Abdul Qadir Patel
The present government is taking practical steps to improve the health sector.
According to the advisory, heat stroke is a medical condition that can be fatal if not treated properly in time
Symptoms include hot and dry skin, weakness or lethargy, fever, headache, and rapid heartbeat
If heat stroke is not treated properly in time, it can cause death or damage organs or disability
Infants and over-65s, the patients with diabetis and high blood pressure, athletes and outdoor workers are at a higher risk of heat stroke.
The advisory also emphasizes the following precautionary measures:

  • Drink more water in hot weather
  • Avoid going directly into sunlight in hot humid weather or in high temperature places
    Cover the head with a hat in hot weather and wear light colored loose clothes.
    People working directly in sunlight should consume plenty of water/drink
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