Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif launched MILGEM-class ship PNS Badar in Karachi today (Friday), which has been jointly constructed by Pakistan and Turkey.

Addressing the launching ceremony, the Prime Minister said relationship between Pakistan and Turkey is reaching new heights and both countries will continue to cooperate with each other in diverse fields.

He said the MILGEM-class corvette ship PNS Badar is a sign of growing cooperation between Pakistan and Turkey. He said it is a huge milestone towards self-dependence in the ship building industry.

Shehbaz Sharif said Pakistan’s relations with Turkey date back to pre-independence times when Muslims of Sub-Continent started a movement for Caliphate in Turkey.

He also mentioned Turkey’s role during various natural disasters in Pakistan and thanked the Turkish government and its people for their love and help.

The Prime Minister lauded the workmanship of the engineers and workers of Karachi shipyard.

He also thanked the Turkish Defense Minister for attending the ceremony with his delegation.