The National Assembly resumed its session at the Parliament House in Islamabad on Tuesday afternoon with Speaker Raja Pervaiz Ashraf in the chair.

The House transacted private members’ business.

Minister of State for Petroleum Musadik Malik says we aim to provide subsidies to discovery companies for the exploration of natural gas as the shortfall has increased in the country.

Speaking on a calling attention notice regarding severe power outage, he said short term plans are in place to deal with gas shortage in Baldia area of the country’s industrial hub Karachi.

Under the plan around 30 to 40 MNCFT gas will be provided to this area while efforts are afoot to resolve the issue permanently till December this year.

Following Bills were introduced in the House on Tuesday:

The Constitution Amendment Bill, 2022( Amendment in Article 84), The Employment of Children Amendment Bill 2022, The Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Amendment Bill 2022, The Criminal Laws Amendment Bill 2022, The Elections Amendment Bill 2022, The Muslim Family Laws Amendment Bill 2022 .

Meanwhile the House passed The International Institute of Science, Arts and Technology Bill 2021. 

The House also unanimously passed a resolution, condemning illegal detention of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik by Indian government.

The resolution, moved by Khawaja Muhammad Asif, urged the world community and human rights organizations to put pressure on the Indian government not to infringe on the basic human rights of Yasin Malik.

The House passed a resolution urging the government to take immediate steps to increase the upper age limit for appointment in Government departments.

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The house adjourned to meet again tomorrow at 4pm on Wednesday.