On behalf of the Prime Minister, Salman Sufi paid tributes to Faisal for his courage.

The Prime Minister has also directed to invite the oil tanker driver to Islamabad and award him the prize.  He said no appreciation is sufficient to praise this spirit of saving the lives of thousands of people whilst risking his own life.

Earlier this week, Faisal drove a burning tanker away from a populated area on the Qambrani road when the vehicle caught fire at a fuel station.The hero driver also recalled the horrifying moments, saying he thought the oil tanker will explode and he will die. He however mentioned that saving human lives was paramount important.

Faisal took the burning vehicle around two kilometers from the densely populated area while passersby urged him to stop the vehicle and jump as thick black smoke was rising from the tanker.

Earlier Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qaddos Bizenjo has announced a reward of Rs 500,000 for Muhammad Faisal

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