The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday informed the Supreme Court that the general elections in the country will be held on February 11, 2024.

The date was shared with the Supreme Court by the ECP’s lawyer during the hearing of petitions calling for timely polls across the country.

“Elections in the country will be held in the country [after] completion of delimitation on November 30,” ECP’s lawyer Sajeel Swati told the three-member bench.

The bench consists of Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faez Isa, Justice Athar Minallah and Justice Amin-Ud-Din Khan. This was the second hearing the three-member bench was holding on the petitions.

The ECP’s lawyer, while sharing the schedule with the apex court, said that all arrangements including delimitation will be completed by January 29.

Explaining the delimitation process, the lawyer said it would take them three to five days to issue the final lists. He added that if 54 days are counted from December 5 then we get January 29 date.

The lawyer said that the ECP was looking to hold the polls on Sunday to make it easier for the people to participate in the elections. He added that under this plan the first Sunday falls on February 4 and the second would be on February 11.

“We decided on our own that elections should be held on Sunday, February 11,” said the lawyer.

On hearing this, CJP Isa directed the lawyer to ask the chief election commissioner to consult the president and get back to the court.

The CJP also told the ECP that once the date is announced the Supreme Court will consider that it is written in stone.

“We will not allow the election date to be changed,” said the CJP. He added that the top court will ensure that elections are held and would implement its decision.

The Supreme Court then adjourned the hearing of the case till 2pm.

Once the hearing resumed, the ECP lawyer informed the Supreme Court that it would consult the president on the elections as soon as possible.

“Election Commission is ready to hold consultations with President Arif Alvi without getting involved in a constitutional debate,” said Swati.

CJP Isa, then writing the court orders, directed the attorney general to make arrangements for the ECP’s meeting with the president.

“The court expects that Election Commission and the president will agree on a date and inform the court,” said the order.

“The court hopes that all problems will be resolved after meeting with the president. Supreme Court will be briefed tomorrow (Friday) after meeting with the president,” said the court. It added that the president and whoever is present in the meeting will have to sign the document.

The court also directed that the president be given the orders of the court for today and October 23 hearing.

“In case of any problems the court will be present,” said the court.