Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar has emphatically stated that Pakistan is fully capable to respond to the challenge posed by non-state actors.

Speaking at Margalla Dialogue titled “Evolving World Environment Charting the Course for Our Future” in Islamabad today, he said we do not have to rely on the outside security apparatus to take on the challenge. He said Pakistan is confident and self-reliant to take on the challenge.

The Prime Minister said the external aggression has gone to minimum due to our defense capabilities.

On the economic front, he said the country with a huge population under the age of thirty has a great potential to be channelized and tapped.

Referring to the immense natural resources, he pointed out that these can be brought to use to register a huge economic success story.  We are on that path and directing our nation and society towards that ultimate destiny.

Highlighting the potential of connectivity and the benefits it can accrue to the region, the Prime Minister said the main impediment is the unresolved Kashmir dispute which needs some serious attention. He stressed for the resolution of lingering dispute as per the aspirations of Kashmiri people. He said resolution of disputes including that of Kashmir is important for good economic and normal relations between Pakistan and India.

Voicing concern over the challenge posed by Hindutva, the Prime Minister said the ideology is specifically targeting the religions of Islam and Christianity. He said it is not only the minorities that are being targeted in India, what happened in Canada is a very initial expression of these challenging and dangerous political ideas. He emphasized for a broader understanding to contain this challenge to the global order.

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Commenting on China-US tense relations, the Prime Minister said there is no incentive in this conflict for the countries like us. He said Pakistan does not incentivize conflicts. On the other hand, in the region, the players like India incentivize the conflict for their own benefit to attract technological transfer and investments from the West.

The Prime Minister said there are challenges such as climate change which cannot be taken on their own either by one single power or even a group of powers.

He said climate change is becoming an existential threat. He stressed for global coordination and cooperation to deal with this issue.

The Prime Minister said Israel is committing barbaric and horrific acts against unarmed Palestinians. He said nobody can rationalize the killing of children.

He reiterated Pakistan’s stance for the creation of an independent Palestinian state.