President Dr Arif Alvi has underscored the need for taking swift decisions to put the country on the road to progress and prosperity.
He said this while addressing the recognition ceremony of officers of the Federal Insurance Ombudsman (FIO) Secretariat, chief executive officers (CEOs) and managing directors (MDs) of insurance companies, organised by the Federal Insurance Ombudsman, here at Governor’s House, on Friday. He said, “Slow decision-making has hindered the process of national development.”

The president said the institutions of ombudsmen had played a commendable role in providing speedy and free-of-cost justice to the aggrieved complainants against the administrative injustices of the government organisations.
He congratulated the FIO on its outstanding performance by providing monetary relief to the tune of over Rs 5 billion to the aggrieved policyholders.

The president also remarked that Pakistan had tremendous potential to grow, but it required honesty and fast decision making to put it on the right track. He stressed that honesty must be the foundation-stone with a key focus on integrity and fair play. Arif Alvi said that institutions of the country were required to do justice. The president added that he firmly believed in merit, saying that he had never asked for any favour for anyone during his tenure as the president.
He hoped that Pakistan would turn around as it was blessed with enormous potential and talented youth.
Federal Insurance Ombudsman Dr Muhammad Khawar Jameel highlighted the role of FIO in providing justice to the policyholders against the maladministration of insurance companies. He said that under the guidance of President Dr Arif Alvi, the FIO had significantly improved its performance and processed 6,000 complaints last year.
The president also distributed recognition shields among the representatives of insurance companies and officials of the FIO over their valuable services in provision of timely relief to insurance policyholders against the maladministration of insurance companies.
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