President Dr. Arif Alvi has urged the corporate sector to adopt morality and compassion based business models.

Addressing an event titled “Ethics and Business: Friends or Foes” in Islamabad on Wednesday, he said true happiness is not hidden in accumulation of wealth but instead concealed in empathy.

He said human beings can distinguish between justice and injustice instinctively.

The President reiterated importance of transparency and accountability to improve the moral standards of society. 

The event shed light on the status of ethical and transparent business practice in the country and the changes that can be made to strengthen the core of any organization. 

Earlier in the panel discussion, the speakers expressed their sentiments on the importance of anti-corruption initiatives.

Later, addressing a ceremony in Islamabad, Dr. Arif Alvi emphasized on utilizing modern methods of family planning to control growing population in the country to ensure a stable and prosperous Pakistan.

He stressed on making women financially strong to make family planning campaigns more effective.

The President called for taking care of children in terms of nutrition to save from stunting as it is a big issue in Pakistan.

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