Prime Minister Imran Khan says aim to bring a “No Trust Move” by the opposition is only to blackmail the government for NRO.

Addressing a public gathering at college ground, Kamalia today [Saturday], the Prime Minister said opposition is buying the parliamentarian openly.

Imran Khan appealed to all Pakistanis to reach Islamabad tomorrow, for public gathering as the opposition is giving millions of rupees to the member of National Assembly to switch sides.

The prime minister termed March 27, a ‘decisive day in the country’s history as the mammoth crowd would gather in the Capital on his call to give a message to those criminals that the days of their plunder and loot were over.

He said that Pakistan will certainly flourish by following the teaching of Islam and maintaining justice, equality and rule of law in the society.

Prime Minister said that government don’t want unrest in the country as PTI has worked hard to restore law, peace and put the economy in the right direction.

He expressed hope that estranged law makers of the party would soon return to their old fold.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan is moving towards the goal of development, progress and prosperity and the government has introduced many others welfare projects to uplift of the masses.

Prime Minister assured that inflation is a temporary phenomenon due to Covid pandemic which will reduce soon.

He said various development projects are underway in Toba Tek Singh currently as PTI government has allocated funds for the district. He said that people of the district had respond full confidence in Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf during general election of 2018. 

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Earlier, the Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated University of Kamalia, Special Industrial zone, extensions of degree colleges and Several mega development in the Toba Tek Singh district.