Senator Saleem Mandviwalla held a meeting with the Pilots whose license was suspended or cancelled by CAA after the former Aviation Minister statement in 2019. The meeting was held at Parliament House Islamabad on 25th May, 2023 which was attended by various pilots.
He reaffirmed and reiterated that no Pilot licence is fake. He briefed the participants regarding the proceedings of the Sub-Committee of aviation meeting which was held earlier in the morning.
Senator Saleem Mandviwalla who is also the convenor of Sub-Committee of aviation asked all those Pilots against whom FIRs were not logged to appeal to the Board of Review and withdraw the court case if any. the review board was advised to look into their cases and find an amicable solution.

Regarding the issue of remaining pilots against whom FIRs was registered, Senator Saleem Mandviwalla stressed that the Government is also keen to find a reasonable solution for them and stated that he will personally look and discuss each case with FIA and try to find a way to resolve their issue.
He stressed that subcommittee on Aviation doesn’t want to give undue favor to anyone involving in fraudulent activities, but will work out a way which is acceptable to both CAA and Pilots.
The pilots present in the meeting expressed their cases and present all the relevant documents. They pleaded that they have been targeted by the CAA officials and there is no truth in those allegations. Still, they all are on agreement of giving the re-examination of the questioned exams and stated that some of them already have been re-examined .
Senator Saleem Mandviwalla assured the pilots that their matter will be dealt on merit and no injustice will be done against the innocent.