President Dr Arif Alvi has called for adopting preventive measures regarding health issues to avert deadly diseases like cancer.

He was addressing an interactive session with media persons in Islamabad today, regarding breast cancer awareness.

The President stressed that there should be continuity of polices and priorities in the health sector on the part of governments for viable enforcement and effective results.

He said early diagnosis of a disease is the best way to prevent cancers especially breast cancer and the key to it is monthly self-examination by women of all ages.

He said there are 99 percent chances of complete recovery if breast cancer is diagnosed at early stages.

Appreciating the role of media in creating awareness of the disease, Dr Arif Alvi urged media to dedicate a specific portion of their content for the cause and impart the message through entertainment, advertisements, public service messages and special programs.

Speaking on the occasion, First Lady Begum Samina Alvi underscored the need to sensitize the male members of the society especially at homes so that females after diagnosis do not hesitate and feel stressed to tackle the taboos associated with the disease.

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