Ayub Park Cricket Ground – also known as Ayub Park Cricket Stadium in Rawalpindi – is all set to host its first women’s tournament match on Monday, 15 January. The match will see Nida Dar-led Lahore region taking on Umm-e-Hani led Multan region in the National Women’s T20 Tournament.

Established in 2013, Ayub Park Cricket Stadium has hosted PCB’s U16 and U19 cricket matches, along with hosting district trials. The stadium has a 60-meter boundary and three pitches designated for the upcoming women’s tournament matches. Additionally, the venue features an attractive museum showcasing autographed bats, including those from the West Indies team of 1959, along with souvenirs and cricket magazines for the fans of the game.

Courtesy of Army Heritage Foundation (AHF), the facility at the stadium is diligently maintained for sporting activities, complemented by an adjacent football ground.

Head of Women’s Cricket Tania Mallick: “It is heartening to witness women’s cricket matches being organised at three venues in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Ayub Park Stadium in Rawalpindi is situated at the city center, the stadium has proper infrastructure, providing the women’s wing with an additional venue to hold domestic matches. With the support of the Army Heritage Foundation committed to further enhancing the ground, the PCB women’s wing looks forward to organising more women’s cricket matches in the future.”