Pakistan has called upon the United Nations to conduct a probe into Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’s source of funding and acquiring advanced military equipment and weaponry that it employs to launch cross border attacks against Pakistan.

Speaking at a debate on situation in Afghanistan at the United Nations Security Council, Pakistan’s Permanent Representatives, Munir Akram said we would expect the United Nations to call on the Afghan interim government to prevent such cross-border attacks and infiltration by the TTP and other terrorist groups into Pakistani territory.

He said left unchecked, the TTP, supported by Al-Qaeda and some State sponsors, could pose a global terrorist threat.

Munir Akram said counter terrorism must be the highest priority in any future roadmap for engagement with the Afghan interim government.

He also called on the United Nations Security Council to support Islamabad’s in its demand that Taliban authorities should disassociate itself with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), which is responsible for persistent attacks against military and civilian targets in Pakistan.

Ambassador Munir Akram said the international community must also help millions of destitute Afghans through provision of unconditional humanitarian assistance.

He also urged that the interim Taliban government must fulfill its international obligations especially regarding the fundamental rights of women and girls.