The 3rd International Conference on Space 2022 began in Islamabad on Monday.

It is being organized by Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission and Asia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization.

Theme of the conference is “Role of Space Technology and Applications in Socio-Economic Development”.

In his address, Chairman SUPARCO Major General Amer Nadeem said that SUPARCO is committed to promote the use of space technology and its applications for achieving Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN member states.

The Chairman said Space Technology also contributes greatly in confronting countless challenges in the fields of climate change, resource monitoring, disaster management and mitigation health and education.

250 scientists are participating in this conference and more than 56 papers will be presented by national and international participants in the conference.

Later, in an Exclusive interview with Radio Pakistan, the chairman SUPARCO said that Pakistan is planning to send Astronaut in space in near future which is directly linked with national development and security. 

He said under the national space program approved by the government, the SUPARCO is executing different projects. 

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