Director General Inter-Services Public Relations Major General Babar Iftikhar says the organized malicious campaign being carried out against the armed forces is not acceptable.Addressing a news briefing in Rawalpindi on Thursday afternoon, he said the armed forces and their leadership is being targeted to create division and discord among the military and the people.He said constructive criticism is welcomed, but hatching conspiracy on the basis of mere rumours to malign the armed forces is not acceptable.Babar Iftikhar made it clear that armed forces derive strength from public support, without which the concept of national security becomes meaningless.Hence, any intentional or unintentional attempt to create misunderstanding between the armed forces and the people of Pakistan is against the national interest.The Director General said foes of Pakistan have failed to create division between the armed forces and the people for last seven decades and we will never let that happen in future as well. He appealed the people and the political parties to refrain from grabbing military to the politics. He said we want to stay out of the politics and we should be kept out of this discourse.DG IDPR said let the law to take its course as its implementation is the key for the development of any society. He said we should play our individual and collective role to make institutions and the country stronger so that as a nation we can face all challenges with success.Responding to a question, Major General Babar Iftikhar said the Army has been fulfilling its constitutional role of being apolitical. He said the army has nothing to do with politics, and it should not be dragged into politics. He said if anyone has any evidence about it, he should bring it forth. He said: “our actions speak louder than words now.”To another question, the DG ISPR said the statement issued after the meeting of the National Security Committee about the letter received from a Pakistani ambassador was clear in its words. He pointed out whether the word “conspiracy” was used in the statement. He said the intelligence agencies have always been working against threats and conspiracies, and they will not let any conspiracy succeed.The DG ISPR categorically stated that the Chief of Army Staff is neither seeking extension in his tenure nor will he accept it. He said the Army Chief will retire from service on time.Replying to a question, DG ISPR said a strong democracy requires a strong army, strong judiciary and strong parliament and the Pakistan Army stands by democracy. He said political stability is very crucial for national security as these are linked with each other. He said Pakistan Army will never impose martial law in the country.Answering another question, the Army has the best relations with the Government of Pakistan and there is no disagreement. He said only the politicians have to take political decisions like organizing elections in the country. 

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