Many Muslims in the United States who were observing Ramadan broke their fast and offered Taraweeh prayer at Times Square in New York for the second year in a row.

Muslim social media influencer SQ organised the weekend event in association with Muslims Giving Back and Droplets of Mercy.

Dahlia Tarek, who went with family and friends, stressed the significance of creating a friendly, open environment in which people can enquire about Islam.

“I think the fact that it’s happening in the (busiest) part of the city is an amazing thing,” National News reported Tarek as saying.

“I hope it still keeps happening every year because it’s really good and I hope the population keeps growing.”

At Maghrib, the prayer was led by the Holy Quran reciters Faisal Latif and Faraj Hasan, and free iftar meals were served.

In collaboration with food sponsors, Muslims Giving Back claimed to have provided more than 2,000 meals that included dates, water, pizza, and gyro sandwiches. A sizable number of individuals participated in the Taraweeh prayers, as seen in the video.

The event’s MC, Muhammad Abdul-Aleem (also known as HoopFinesse), and blogger Faduma Mohamed, nicknamed speakpure, who was invited as a guest speaker, both delivered addresses as motivational speakers and social media personalities.

The purpose of the programme was to show New Yorkers who are not Muslim how Ramadan is observed.

SQ said that Islamophobia was on the rise, calling Islam one of the most misunderstood religions in the world. 

He stated that the gathering was a chance for Muslims to unite while also educating others about Islam. It was hosted beneath the dazzling neon lights and advertisements of New York’s most well-known square.

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A projector showed the Quranic verses being recited during the prayers along with an English translation.

The event, according to Yamina Kezadri of Muslims Giving Back, was an illustration of “dawah via action.” Islam is disseminated by dawah, or preaching.

She said that dawah was not done by just forcing people to have pamphlets or providing information. 

Throughout, representatives from the Jamil Foundation for Children and Youth gave readings, educational resources, and free copies of the Quran in both English and Spanish. They also answered inquiries.

At the end of the night, two individuals had made the shahada and embraced Islam as a result of hearing the Quran being recited, National News reported.