Over 1.8 Hujjaj from 200 counties are performing Ramye in Mina on Sunday where they use pebbles to stone a series of three pillars representing the devil.

Radio Pakistan Correspondent in Makkah Bilal Khan Mehsud reports that 18,33,164 pilgrims have been performed major Hajj ritual at Arafat and Muzdalifa.

This Exclusive information was shared by an official of Kingdom’s Ministry of Hajj & Umrah with Radio Pakistan.  According to information 52 percent of them were males and 48% females Hujjaj entered the Maidan-Arafat on 9th Zil Hajj.

221,854 Hujjaj are from Saudi Arabia and 16,11,310 came from other 200 countries of the world to perform Hajj.

Later, Minister for Hajj & Umrah Dr. Tawfiq Bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah told reporters that more than 20,000 buses were engaged and 100,000 security personnel were deployed for the security during Arafat Day in the city.

They are also sacrificing animals and got shaved or trimmed their hair.

Afterwards, the Hujjaj will fulfill another essential ritual of Hajj known as Tawaf Ziarah wearing regular clothing instead of Ihram.

Additionally, the Hujjaj will continue to reside in tent city of Mina during the 11th, and 12th of Dhu al- Hujjaj, as part of their Hajj pilgrimage.

Before returning home, the Hujjaj will perform Tawaf-e-Wida.

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