By Michael Pröbsting,

The killing of at least 500 people in the Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza City has provoked outcry and outrage around the world. It is no doubt the worst war crime which Israel has committed since the 7 October. In response, people in various countries have spontaneously taken the streets and Arab state leaders were forced to cancel their planned summit with U.S. President Biden.

Unsurprisingly, Israel refuses to take responsibility for this mass murder and claims that the attack would have been the result of a misfired Islamic Jihad rocket. This lie is easy to see through and nobody – not even the hardened supporters of Israel among Western state leaders – takes it seriously. It is well known that Israel has ordered several hospitals in Gaza to evacuate. And, as Al Jazeera reports, a senior health official in Gaza said that Israel had fired two artillery shells as a “warning” at al-Ahli hospital on last Saturday. A day later, the Israeli army called the hospital’s director and told him: “We warned you yesterday with two shells” and asked for the evacuation of the facility. Now, the Israeli army put its warning into action.

Everyone remembers that Israel’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said early in the war. “We are fighting human animals.” This statement reflects the racist “Herrenmenschen” mentality which is so characteristic for the Zionist leaders.

But now, everyone can see that it is not the Palestinian people, it is not the heroic resistance fighters defending their homeland, but it is Netanyahu and his government who are the real animals!
Brothers and sisters, now is the time to support the Palestinian people by any means necessary!

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