The brains behind this groundbreaking technology are Founder and CEO, Noman Shah, and Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Atif Naseer. Shah, a seasoned inventor with over 30 patents in the US, UK, and Canada (2 granted, 30 pending, that have been cited by leading technology companies including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Morgan Stanley, Verisign, Lenovo, Citrix, Sterm Ruger, and Oppo.), has been leading the vision of Xerotech. Atif Naseer, a renowned expert in video analytics and deep learning, has a stellar track record with holds two patents and has published over 55 research papers in various outlets, including journals, conferences, international training, and seminars. He is currently pursuing his PhD from the University of Malaga, Spain. You can learn more about Noman Shah at

About Xerotech:
Xerotech is a pioneer in the AI technology industry. Based in Dubai, UAE, and with its R&D arm, CRAFT Systems, in Islamabad, Pakistan, Xerotech is dedicated to advancing human-AI interaction. Through innovative applications such as AI, IoT, Blockchain, Metaverse, and XR, they strive to shape the future of digital technology.
Please note that the mention of third-party names, such as Microsoft, Apple, ChatGPT4, OpenAI, or, etc is solely for descriptive purposes. Xerotech has no affiliation or association with these entities and their trademarks.