A court in Qatar has awarded death sentence to eight ex-servicemen of the Indian Navy.

The Indian External Affairs Ministry has confirmed this news.

It is pertinent to mention that ex-officials of the Indian Navy were sent to jail last year on charges of spying for Israel against Qatar.

Indian intelligence agencies have continuously been providing assistance to these spies.

The Indian intelligence officials had been working on a sensitive project of manufacturing small submarines in the Dahra Global Technologies company.

Indian naval spy agents, include Captain Navtej Singh Gill, Birendra Kumar Verma, Saurabh Vasisht, Commander Amit Nagpal, Purnendu Tiwari, Sugunakar Pakala, Sanjeev Gupta, and Sailor Rajesh.

The entire world has been expressing concerns about India’s espionage networks for quite some time.

Earlier, a serving Indian Naval Officer Kulbhushan Jadav has been arrested red-handed for fanning terrorism in Pakistan.

India’s offshore terrorist activities have already been exposed to the world.

The hired assassins of the Indian intelligence agencies have been caught red-handed killing Sikh leaders in Canada, Britain, and other countries.

After the award of death sentence to Indian officers by Qatar, it will be difficult for India to maintain cordial diplomatic relations across the world.

The International community will have to take notice of these nefarious and heinous tactics of India.

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