Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Masood Khan has invited American entrepreneurs and corporate leaders to make investments in Pakistan in the areas of IT, energy, agriculture and mineral extraction.

During his interaction with the US corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and business executives in Washington DC, he said Pakistan’s market has remained lucrative and attractive for American businesses over the decades. He highlighted that the US International Trade Administration identifies several advantages for American investors in Pakistan, including the absence of shareholding restrictions, simple work permit regulations, no technology transfer requirements, and a large and sophisticated entrepreneurial community.

Masood Khan said Pakistan has established a Special Investment Facilitation Council to facilitate foreign inflows into diverse areas.

He said Pakistan is the fourth largest freelance provider in the world with over 20,000 ICT registered companies.

The Ambassador also drew attention to Pakistan’s human potential and its massive transformation towards digitization and e-commerce, connecting its tech-savvy youth with new technologies. He invited US entrepreneurs to explore the country’s vast mineral resources, including copper, gold, lead, zinc, iron ore, coal, lithium, rare earth, cobalt, aluminum, chromite, and nickel.

He briefed the participants on various incentives offered by the government across all sectors.

The Ambassador said Pakistan and the United States are currently experiencing a productive phase in their relations following a recalibration of their ties over the past two years. They have developed a roadmap for cooperation in both security and non-security realms.

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