Special Investment Facilitatoin Council has taken various policy initiatives for the promotion of mining and minerals sector in the country.

Mines and Minerals Division has been set up by the government to accelerate mining activities, which will boost the sector.

Reko Diq Mining Company  has taken practical steps for vocational training and skill development of youth in Chaghi under its Corporate Social Responsibility program in partnership with The Talent Foundation.

During his recent visit to Pakistan, the Saudi Foreign Minister indicated investment in Reko Diq project.

Feasibility study for exploration of new mineral deposits in Koh-e Sulayman area of Balochistan has been provided through Public-Private Partnerships and Regulatory Frameworks.

One billion dollar mining fund has been established between Pakistan and Kuwait under the Government-to-Government model.

A joint venture has also been signed to exploit the potential of the country’s pink salt.

Proactive measures by the Ministry of Mines and Minerals and SIFC have resulted in a significant increase in revenue collection of fifteen billion rupees,  which is  twenty four percent higher than expected.

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