Three prominent Turkish Non-Governmental Organizations have announced to work for the improvement in the fields of education, health, culture and social uplift of the people of Pakistan.

The announcement was made on the occasion of a ceremony to award certificate of appreciation to President Turkish-Pakistan Women Forum Shabana Ayyaz by four-member directors of Anatolian Union, Turkish World Association of Academics and Bureaucrats, and World Reporters Association in recognition of her services to enhance Pak-Turkiye brotherhood and friendship.

As per details, the directors of all three organizations, Ismet Taş, Professor Dr. Issa Eleri, Dr. Mehmet Tekin, and President of the Women’s Wing, Nur Dilce, were also present on the occasion.

Addressing the ceremony, Director General Ismet Taş said that President Shabana Ayyaz of the Turkish-Pak Women Forum did not leave us alone in our event “Be the Voice for the Silent Children’s Scream” and supported us in every possible way. We acknowledge that Shabana Ayyaz has led many programs for women and children in Pakistan and is doing further research on how Turkish women are improving themselves in the fields of culture, health, and education, in which areas they have achieved successes, and how to transfer their experiences to Pakistani women.”

Ismet Taş said she is also working to enhance Pak-Turk friendship and brotherhood, which Turkish people deeply appreciate. “Shabana Ayyaz is a beautiful representation of love and friendship in our country,” the DG remarked.

The Director General said that certificate was awarded to Shabana Ayyaz in recognition of these services.

Director General Ismet Taş further stated that Türkiye and Pakistan are geographically separate states, but they are one. The friendship and brotherhood between Türkiye and Pakistan are getting stronger.

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Ismet Taş stated that people of both countries harmonize with each other in pain, sorrow, trouble, and happiness and Turkish people want Pakistan and Türkiye to fully support each other in every field. In this regard, the people of Turkey are ready to support the Pakistani people at every opportunity.

The Director General Turkiy’s achievements in science and technology, art and culture, economy, and human rights are widespread around the world, especially the effort “Silent Children’s Silent Scream” has been broadcast in many countries worldwide.

Besides Turkish media as well as the global media have praised this effort. “We believe that Pakistan and its people will feel the silent scream of the silent children, especially the silent scream of the thousands of children martyred in Gaza. We should become their voice; there are about 40,000 martyrs in Gaza. We should advocate for their legal and human rights on every platform,” Ismet Tash remarked.

The Director General thanked to the efforts of Women’s Wing Head Nur Dilce, Vice President Dr. Issa Eleri, and Dr. Mehmet Tekin, the echo of the silent children’s scream is being heard around the world.

Ismet Tash said they offer greetings, love, and sincerity from the friends, government, and non-governmental organizations to the people of Pakistan. “God willing, we will start these events in Pakistan very soon,” Ismet remarked.

On the occasion, Nur Dilce said that he was grateful for the support and cooperation of Shabana Ayyaz, President of the Turkish-Pak Women Forum, who conveyed their voice to Pakistan. As a Turkish woman, she saw Shabana Ayyaz and other Pakistani women as her sisters and look forward to meeting them. “God willing, we will meet them soon,” she remarked.

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Ismet Taş, Noor Dilce, Dr. Issa Eleri, and Dr. Mehmet Tekin especially greeted the Pakistani people on behalf of all Türkiye people and chanted the slogan on conclusion of the ceremony “Long live Turkey-Pakistan brotherhood.”