February 2, 2023


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CEO (DEA) Khushab Malik Ehsan Ahmad Awan inaugurated 4Days training workshop of AEO’s at Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development

Raja Noor Ilahi Atif
4Days traning of AEO’s has started at Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED) Khushab . Chief Executive Officer (DEA) Khushab Malik Ehsan Ahmad Awan inaugurated 4Days training of AEO’s. QAED head district Khushab Qazi Muhammad Amin, Education Officers Atta -ur- Rehman Malik, Muhammad Saifullah and Sajjad Ahmad were also present on the occasion .
Earlier, CEO Malik Ehsan Ahmad Awan was warmly welcomed by the officers of Quaid -e- Azam Academy for Educational Development Khushab .

It is very innovative idea to aligned COT and Lesson Planning.

Role Educational manager, head teachers not only provide strength but also boost all curricular and co curricular activities.

An Energetic, Experienced and well versed education manager CEO (DEA) Malik Ehsan Ahmad Awan is a role model not for his district Khushab , (Sargodha division) but for whole Punuab.

Malik Ehsan Ahmad Awan CEO DEA Khushab who is guiding, visiting, counseling, monitoring, planning and supervising all educational activities round the clock to all schools in the district by using all modes, FTF, online meetings, and through whatsaap groups.

According to this scribe Raja Noor Ilahi Atif ,Malik Ehsan Ahmad Awan Worthy CEO DEA has not only boosted curricular and Co- curricular activities but also changed the infrastructures of schools with the help of all schools friends and communities Donners’.

Formative assessment plays a pivitol role in students achievements and teachers’ teachings. He has issued for proper formative assessments.

Meanwhile, CEO has instructed to plan co -curricular activities and distrubte prizes with invitations of Public Elected Members( MPAs& MNAs) district Adminisrations( DC and ACs). From 15 Nov, 2022 to 30th Nov, 2022).

He is the man who has revived all dumped and dead developmental schemes and now work is in progress.

Above all first time in history of Public Schools he has instructed for PTM to reduce distances between parents, teachers and students.

Today, giving strength and infusing new spirit to young feild managers AEOs during their 04 days traning at QAED Khushab for TALEEM Project.
Appreciating best efforts of QAED Head Qazi Muhammad Amin and Education Officers for best arrangements and 100% attendance.