A meeting of the Advisory Committee meeting on the “Release of International Mobile Telephony (IMT) Spectrum for Improvement of Next Generation Mobile Broadband Services in Pakistan” was held in Islamabad today.

Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb chaired the meeting while Minister of State for IT and Telecommunication Shaza Fatima Khawaja, Chairman PTA and senior officials from relevant ministries and departments were in the attendance.

The key stakeholders from the telecommunication sector and regulatory authorities briefed the Finance Minister on strategic plans for the allocation and utilization of the IMT spectrum. It was mentioned that the release of this spectrum is expected to significantly improve connectivity, enhance internet speeds, and meet the increasing demand for high-quality data services.

The auction process, technical specifications, and the timeline for the spectrum release were discussed in the meeting.

The Advisory Committee also considered the way forward to promote technological advancements and create an environment conducive to investment and growth in the telecommunications sector.

This meeting underscored the government’s commitment to advancing digital infrastructure and supporting the country’s economic growth.

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